02 - KF2PT KAWASAKI Oxygen Sensor Eliminator

02 - KF2PT KAWASAKI Oxygen Sensor Eliminator

ZX10-R 2006 ONLY o2 Oxygen Sensor Eliminator Set

  Improved throttle response, smoother power delivery.
  Supports FI mods such as Power Commander.
  Cheaper than replacing a faulty o2 sensor.
  Simple to fit, No cutting or soldering required.

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The O2 sensor which is installed in the stock exhaust systems of motorcycles are used by the Manufacturer to adjust the fuelling in order to pass the emission tests for street homologation.

This is done only in a very limited RPM range under certain load situations.

The intention behind it is not to improve the performance of the machine.

It's aimed to reduce the emissions of the engine in the specific RPM/Load situations which are tested during the homologation process.

This can result in delayed throttle response or unsteady power delivery. If you replace your silencer or exhaust system or fuelling, it's suggested to remove the installed sensor and replace it with this eliminator.

The eliminator simulates the signal given from the O2 sensor under optimal A/F ratio conditions. This allows the bike to run under best performance conditions. If you install an aftermarket exhaust, remove the catalyst, install a power commander or perform similar modifications we strongly suggest installation of an O2 sensor eliminator for the best performance of your machine.

We always recommend removing your o2 sensor and fitting a blanking plug as a non heated o2 sensor can become damaged.