Honda H.I.S.S Key Programming Instructions

Adding a spare key

Important This Procedure Will Not Work If All Keys Have Been Lost !!

You will need to re-register any spare keys that you have during step 6. The ECU can hold a maximum of four key codes. So for example if a fifth key is added then the first key will be pushed out and so on. This is an endless cycle and there is no limit on how many times keys can be coded to the ECU.

Make sure that the H.I.S.S keys are not all on the same key ring when being programmed as this can confuse the system.

Step 1: Cut a new key
Copy-cut the new key using the original key or to the original key number.

Step 2: Connect the H.I.S.S programming tool.
The connector for the ignition pulse generator is normally located above the crankcase, behind the
cylinder block. The fuel tank can be raised to reach it easier on some machines. Connect the adapter crocodile clips to the battery terminals.

 Step 3: Switch ON with OK key => "Lamp remains ON!" 
The ID code of the original key is recognised by the ECU. This makes the system enter 
the "diagnostic mode". ( The indicator will start blinking if the system has detected a problem)

 Step 4: Disconnect battery connector for 2 seconds and re-connect. 
=> "Now entering in "registration mode"
The immobilizer indicator remains on for two seconds and starts blinking four times. 
Now the key in the ignition switch is registered. Its ID and password are registered in the ECU, while the registration of ALL other keys are cancelled.

Step 5: Switch OFF, Remove OK key, with the battery still connected. 

Step 6: Switch ON with unregistered key => Lamp blinks. 
The ID code of the new key is registered in the ECU. The ECU generates a password which is written into the key's memory. 
=>The new key Is now registered. 
Register also the 3rd and 4th keys, if necessary.

Step 7: Switch OFF, Remove ADAPTOR

Step 8: Verify that all keys have been registered.
Insert each key to the ignition switch and turn it ON. Check that the immobiliser indicator lights and goes off after approx. 2 seconds.


lgnition Switch Assembly Replacement

If the ignition lock is damaged, it can be replaced independently from the immobiliser system.

To activate the immobiliser system, both the new keys and one of the original keys are required. The original key is used to activate the immobiliser system with it's ID code and password. The new key turns ON the new main switch.

Step 1: Obtain a new ignition switch with two new keys and remove the broken switch.

Step 2: Separate the NEW lock and the EXlSTlNG antenna from each other.

Step 3: Hold the OLD key in the EXISTING Antenna.

Step 4: Put the NEW key in the NEW lock.

Step 5: Turn the main switch ON. Indicator will turn OFF. The OLD key is now OK (recognised).

Step 6: Apply battery voltage to the pulse generator lines of the ECU using the H.I.S.S key programming tool.

Step 7: Register the 2 NEW keys "using the tasks detailed in "Adding a spare key"


The new keys supplied with the ignition switch as well as one of the existing keys (max.4 only) must be registered again with the existing ECU.

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