Join Us? O2 Eliminators Trade and Re-seller accounts

To qualify for a trade account you must be able to prove you are trading within the Motorcycle Industry as your main line of business. We will need evidence linking your business to social media pages in the business name or a website or similar evidence before we can open a trade account. We reserve the right to close a trade account at any point if a level of trade spend is not met in any given 6 month period. In this instance the trade account would be referred back to a standard personal account and any set discounts will be removed.

What is a trade and re-seller account? 

Trade accounts are for anybody working in the bike industry and using detailing products on a regular basis. 
Benefits include trade discount across the store along with specialists rates on larger quantities only available to trade.

Re-seller accounts are for people with a sales lines or shop, selling car care products. This can be online, walk in stores, detailers selling to clients.
These accounts are subject to particulars and are entitled to special rates for stock. These accounts are not to be used for personal use and carry MOQ's.

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